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whenever you require inspection services somewhere around the globe, please contact the International Coordination Center in Denmark:

International coordination center
A/S Baltic Control Ltd. Aarhus
Sindalsvej 42B
8240 Risskov
Telephone: +45 86216211
Telefax: +45 86216255

“Baltic Control Ltd. is a leading and independent inspection company working in all regions of the world – we would be delighted to assist you wherever it may be required and can be contacted on or +45 86216211“

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A/S Baltic Control Certification Ltd. is an accreditated certification body, and we offer certfications of systems within production and quality control in the food industry, environmental standards, animal wellfare standards, viable standards and others.

Service, ethics and highly qualified personnel is the key words in our work and in our co-operation with our representatioves world wide.