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A/S Baltic Control Ltd., Aarhus, is a leading global inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We are internationally recognized and operate through a network of offices and trusted representatives across all geographical regions of the world.

The company was established at the port of Aarhus, Denmark, in 1980 with the view of offering inspection services in the agricultural sector especially shipments of grains and feedstuff to the former Soviet Union and the DDR where large quantities were shipped from Scandinavian ports on feeder vessels over the Baltic Sea - hence the name Baltic Control.The company quickly expanded to other regions and activities to what is it to day; a truly global and recognized company.

We strive to offer to our customers a truly independent service wherever it may be required, with emphasis on quick response, attention to detail and competent execution adding value to customer needs and maintaining a good and long lasting business relationship.

A/S Baltic Control Ltd. is ISO 9001 certified and a member and represented on the board of International Federation of Inspection Companies (IFIA) and we have adopted their code of ethics and compliance code throughout our global network.

"Baltic Control Ltd. is a leading and independent inspection company working in all regions of the world – we would be delighted to assist you wherever it may be required and can be contacted on baltic@balticcontrol.com or +45 86216211"
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A/S Baltic Control Certification Ltd. is an accreditated certification body, and we offer certfications of systems within production and quality control in the food industry, environmental standards, animal wellfare standards, viable standards and others.

Service, ethics and highly qualified personnel is the key words in our work and in our co-operation with our representatioves world wide.